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Eastern Europe has a burgeoning casino industry online and on-land. Most EE countries are members of the European Union, and as such, they operate as their Western neighbors do by creating and enforcing their own gambling laws while trying to follow the EU and EC guidance for cross-border economic equality with regard to online gambling regulation.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, there was a period of disarray and refocusing as countries like Belarus flag Belarus, Romania flag Romania, and Estonia flag Estonia asserted their independence and began focusing efforts on capturing revenues and providing regulatory frameworks in order to attract gambling businesses. By the mid-2010s a robust industry was seen to begin phenomenal growth.

Countries like Albania flag Albania have always had casinos but in 2005 the country's first legal casino opened in the capital city of Tirana following a 20-million-euro investment by Hyatt Regency. Eight million of that was for a 15 year license. A new law in 2015 saw an explosion in the growth of small club casinos by Astra and Admiral with over 50 venues in operation a scant two years later.

After outlawing casinos earlier, Russia flag Russia has opened a few of its gambling zones and the original Azov City casinos will close by January 1, 2019, in favor of the Sochi zone. The Primorye Entertainment Zone outside of Vladivostok has struggled to reach its potential but still attracts high-value players from the heretofore untapped northern Chinese market.

While there are no universally agreed upon delineations for the segmentation of Europe into east, west, north, south, or central, you will find Cyprus flag Cyprus listed here. The largest integrated casino resort in all of Europe is located in Limmosol and majority owned by Melco Resorts & Entertainment Limited of Macau.

Visitors can choose any country from the list here to explore land-based legislation, gambling opportunities, and find a link to that country page then drill down by state and city, finally arriving at a full-featured review of any casino. When there is a hotel on the property, images and links are provided so that you can book a room or compare rates and amenities. Each country page also has an interactive map locating all casinos in the country with a special feature offering directions from anywhere to any casino.

Online casino laws, as well as links to pages featuring internet casinos available from any country, can also be found on the menu next to the land based information. Enjoy your journey through Eastern Europe on the World Casino Directory!

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Ukraine is a sovereign state in Eastern Europe that shares borders with several other countries including Belarus, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, and Slovakia. It also has a Black Sea coast in the middle of which is Odessa where several casinos formerly flourished, as well as a coastline along the Sea of Azov which is navigable from the Black Sea.

Casino gambling was outlawed in the Ukraine in 2009 but there is a thriving illegal market of slots and gaming tables and a gray market of "instant lottery devices" which don't quite fit the definition of a slot machine. Corruption is rampant with illegal casino owners and the authorities they pay off to stay in business raking in untold Hryvnia, the country's official currency.

Poker clubs are still legal. In Kiev you will find Gambling Club Kiev open 24 hours a day. Lotteries are legal and mostly run by Russians, but they have been facing sanctions and an increasingly difficult tax regime since early 2016.

Online Casinos

The state of online gambling in Ukraine is one that is not uncommon among European countries. The country’s government bans the operation of all online gambling sites. However, players are almost completely left out of the equation, with plenty of opportunities to participate in play on foreign betting sites. The law which banned all forms of gambling in Ukraine, other than the lottery, was passed in 2009. Despite further legislation to ban sites outside of the country’s borders from providing services to citizens in 2011, players continue to visit foreign operators.

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